What is NJOY

NJOY comes from the word enjoy, and that's what all this is about... NJOY!

This is not another group, it is more a community for meet, talk, learn, share, idea's etc about whatever YOU like.


Now you ask: Why now a new Discord Server?
Answer: Because some people don't like to be in groups, and want to be freelance or independent, but still seek for friends, idea's, support etc. New people can have a hard start in 3DX because "we don't know them, they can be bad people". And we don't think that it is a fair start for their new lifes in 3DX. 

So here they can get a more easy start, and a place to see and learn others to know. 

We all started somewhere and ended up where we are today. And yes it takes time, and yes there are sometimes "bad" people, but the most are nice, sweet and seek the same things as we do. Those we would love to help and welcome here. 

So are there any rules?

Answer: Yes and No! NO drama.. take that in PMs. Public drama will be stopped and deleted. As a last resort drama people will be kicked out of the server - with no warning.

Respect each other, and also respect other opinions, sexuality, race, skin color, religion etc.

We want a place where you can feel your freedom and do as you like to do. We come from all around the world, and here you can meet up with people from your own country or from the other side of the world.

When there are enough people from a country, they can get there own channel for these to chat in, and still be a part of the whole community.

All idea's YOU have, you can bring in and others might help you or use your idea(s). Get help to room's, build's, music, DJing, parties, streaming and much more. All you have to do is to ask (remember, if you not ask you wont get an answer).

Promote your parties, or your friends parties here. But remember to respect other peoples parties they have planned. Respect is some you earn, not some you just get.

We should all try to avoid to overlap "friends" parties and support there parties instead, so these people might also come and support yours when you have one ongoing.

If NJOY will ever host parties, they will be announced here before. Members may not spontaneously host NJOY parties and use the name or brand for promotional purposes.

Creators of NJOY are:
Chloe, Lexzia & Felia

We don't choose any sides so don't try to drag us to one. We have our own views.

If you have any problems, so see if you can handle these. If not, so you can come to us, if it's about this server or members.

You can ask us anything, just remember you will get an honest answer back. (like it or not)

Thank you for reading and NJOY your time.